Swagger At One Hundred, Thousand, Trillion! (I Lied)

Whats good everyone. Lets skip the preliminaries and get into this. I'm bothered. I don't understand what makes a girl want a guy with no swag. Alright maybe i'm being a little shallow, but c'mon. I feel like i look sleezy (Richy!) for no reason sometimes. I might aswell go out with food stains on my shirt and call it a graphic tee, paint blotches on my kicks and call em vandals, and my sisters pants and call em skinnys, then call it a day. But who am I to judge, maybe they have game. PFFFTTT! If you have game, you would really take into consideration how you look. As a young black male, i feel it's my duty to always look fresh. When I see people who don't even make the effort, it makes me real sad. I'm not one to roast, and i'm not sayin my swag is amazing, but this just had to be said. I have spoken, and i'm out.

- Hip Hop !


Posted by Y.Hip-Hop | at 12:31 PM


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