Good afternoon all. Can I be real for a second? I'm selfish. I'm a really selfish guy. I'm talking selfish, like i want everything. I want you to be miserable while i'm livin' it up. I don't know why i'm like this, but it's taking a toll on my life and it kinda needs to stop. It really came to my attention when me and my girl broke up. We've been dealing for about a year and 7 months or so. The way i felt, was that i should be able to talk to which ever girl i wanted, and i wanted her(my girl...ex girl actually) to be sittin around miserable. It makes no sense right? My boy richy told me that the only way to get over someone is to get under someone else. That's some real shxt right there. I understand that the world can't revolve around me, but it's just so much better when it does. Feel me? I'm one of those people who don't understand why I "can't have my cake and eat it too". I have been being unfair to a lot of people. mainly her. We promised that we would always be friends no matter what, no matter how hard it would be to maintain, we would still try. I havn't kept to my end at all. She would tell me whats going on in her life, but I would make it seem as if nothing was going on with mine. This is apart of my selfishness. I felt that i should know all about her, but she doesn't deserve to know about me. This leaves her feeling like she can't trust me no more. I did a remix for "Why Don't You Trust Me", and I never thought i'd have to think about that. But now i guess i know why she don't. Cause i'm selfish. People say she not my girl no more, so why should i care. The fact of the matter is even though we aint together, I still care about her. Despite what it seemed like, or what i say, she was dope. She deserves better than what i'm givin' her. Even thought this might not help matters, or it may even make matters worse, I had ta' get it off my chest. Have a great day everybody.

- Hip Hop (no exclamation point this time...not in the mood.)

P.S. To all those I been selfish to...this is my public apology.

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