I feel like I don't know you anymore.. & it's only been a few days. This makes me wonder what life would be like when you're not here. I just can't imagine it for the life of me. I can't really express how it feels to know I can reach you but yet your unreachable.. It feels like hell to know that I can't hear your voice. I'm contridicting myself because I just said to relax, but damn.. I never knew it would feel this way. I just hope that everything's the same when we return.

Just wanted to let you know..


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Let's not spend our time living in fear. Fear of what's to come. Fear of the positive/negative. Fear of the future. Let's take it one step at a time. Let's do it our way. Let's sit back & enjoy.

Let's relax..


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Reporting Live From Atlanta..

Well, the people here are.. Well.. Friendly. They got that 'Southern Hospitality' f'real. Me & my brother walked into a shoestore & these 2 young females working there approached us (me, my brother & my cousin) starting conversation about Canada, & what we do & how we differ from Americans. It's just crazy to me how they think that we are completely different from them.. Like Canada is a whole nother world. I was wearing a fresh lair of steps, & she said "ohh I like yo shoes & yo shart.. I ain't know Y'all got swag over dere".. & I was like whaaaaat!?

It's also crazy, that every store I go into, they playing Drake. Coming from where he's from it's so epic to know that he once was local, & now he is being played all over the world. I don't know if people take that in. & it's also crazy to me that he gets more love down here the he does in his own city. Stupid right? They'll thank him later..


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Nico Grey - Go Hard (Produced By Yung Hip-Hop)

Click HERE To Download


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Long Days, Short Nights..

Those days that seem like it never ended. Like the next day is apart of the other. Like nothing ever happened. Like there was no seperation between Sunday & Monday. I live for those days.. When you go out & don't know when you're coming back. Where you'll end up. If you'll even be home before the sun rises. With no change of clothes, no underwear, no sleep. No phone because the days events killed it. No toothbush, or shower for that matter. It's the best feeling because even if you can't remember exactly what happened, you know it was a good time. All I know is.. Sometimes, it's okay to be completely oblivious.. It just makes life that much more interesting..

"I live for the nights that I can't remember, with the people that I won't forget.." - Drizzy


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Thank Me Later Reviews

1. Fireworks: I Thought that the beat was actually perfect. 40 did his thing on this. The piano was really a good intro for the album. Drakes lines were very real (like always). Although, I thought that Alicia Keys should have had a bigger role to play in the song. I thought her part in the Chorus was alright.. But the concept of the song was amazing. Very good song..

2. Karaoke: When I first heard this song, I will be honest, I really didn't like it. At all.. But I'm learning to appreciate it after sitting down & taking it all in. Now, I like it. But for how anticipated the album is, I don't think it was a good addition to it. But then again.. There are people that will understand, like, & relate to it. I'm probably not one of those people..

3. The Resistance: Realest song of the album. I understand every single line. I love how he addressed most of the problems about his rise to fame so people could understand. I probably understand it even more than the average 'Drake listener' mostly because I watched him grow as an artist & as a person. I watch the interviews, everywhere he's been in terms of award shows, TV shows, features, shows etc. One of the best on the album.

4. Over: I think that this was the most appropriate single for the album. One, because many Drake listeners have been complaining that he hasn't been rapping enough.For the first single he did little singing & had some killer bars. This showed that he can still rap, & there are some "hard" tracks on the album. It appealed to many people. It showed the world what he has become between these years. It was also an amazing performance song. Very well done. Bo1-1da & Al-Khaliq snapped also.

5. Show Me A Good Time: First thing I have to say about this record is.. KANYE WEST. It was a wonderfully produced song with an amazing weirdness that made it dope. The hook was very catchy, & Drakes flow was killer. I think it was a could way to calm down a bit after 'Over', but still be hype. I absolutely love the whole feel of the song. & hey, we all want a woman to show us a good time once in while after we had a bad day or a hard week. Y'know?

6. Up All Night: Mm.. Bo1-1da. Nicki. Drizzy.. Perfect combination.. This was the RAWEST track on there. It was the type of track that says, "I'm in Young Money, the hell you doin?"
The flow was perfect. The hook was epic. You could tell he had a screw face, some kush, & a nice sleep ready to kill this one. Nicki's verse was crazy. So simple, but simplicity for this song was key. The beat was already so raw, & the hook so epic, the song was basically already set. When Nicki started talking at "2:30" of the song.. It set the mood. The claps at the beginning of the song was.. Crazy..

7. Fancy: I think Drake took advice from me when he did the song. I already love Swizz Beatz, & his beats. His hooks are always the hardest things to get out of your head that's why I think it was so perfect to put this on the album. The production was soo good. I love T.I to the fullest. & it is also crazy cause he just came out of jail. So on looking T.I fans would wanna hear this cause they wanna hear anything from him, which brings more lookers towards Drake. The breakdown close to the end was amazing. I know that has 40 written all over it aha. Trust me.. I love what Drake did with the record. Perfect.

8. Shut It Down: I had the unmastered/unedited/unfinished version of this track about two months before June 15th. I think it was good that I had it. Why? Because they put some HEAVY edits on it. I recognized every last change in the vocals, verses, instrumental, & mastering. Me having the song before, & listening to it 3 times every day, made the Thank Me Later version of this song so much more enjoyable. The song was already amazing. Amazing. & I loved it even more. Drake rapping at the end made it even better. It was perfect. How the song came back at the end also was soo necessary. It gives that whole relaxing vibe. Especially what he was talking about.

9. Unforgettable: I mean.. The intro was amazing even though it was only 24 seconds. The flow of the song is different and craazy. Like.. It was soo epic. That's the only word to describe it. It would be such a good performance. The chords make me cringe. I don't exactly know what Jeezy's verse had anything to do with the song.. But hey.. The voice saying "Let me know.." was a very good touch. How they turned the voice into the guitar was real dope & creative.

10. Light Up: The thing that really stick out at me listening to this song was the frequent use of that snare, or rhythm of the snares. I guess it gave the album that, rough emotional feeling, but I guess it's just me. I like the beat. It's very deep. The hook wasn't exactly one to captivate the listeners but it was appropriate for the song. This song also sounds like Drake heard the song made for Jay, but asked if Jay could feature & do it on his album. Kinda like what happened with "Successfull" with Trey Songz. It was dope how Jay was coaching Drake in thesong. It really meant a lot, especially cause he spilled how it was for him in the song. It was like a warning. Amazing

11. Miss Me: This was a good song to keep the hype on the album & the rap aspect to keep all those type of fans interested. It was one of those 'head bangers'. I think if the beat wasn't mastered so well, it wouldn't have sounoded even close to the way it sounds now. That's not exactly a bad thing.. But I can tell. Maybe it's cause I'm a Producer.. I notice these things. I liked Drake verse a lot. Very easy to learn. that's the best part. I'mma be honest.. I didn't really like Weezy's verse. Just seemed like he did it as a favor that Drake asked that he would be on TML. I like the lanes separated from the song. I just don't think it fit. The significance of Lil' Wayne on the album made it crazy because he was recently admitted into jail. I love the breakdown of the hook. Very nice touch 40. Good job on the beat 1-da. That's some vintage 1-da right there.

12. Cece's Interlude: I wanted this interlude to be more like "Bria's interlude" (the interlude off the earlier mixtape So Far Gone) because that one made my heart bleed. I understand what they were going for with that Rock Guitar in the song, but I just didn't feel it as I should have. Although, I like the song because I can tell he was really pouring his heart out to Cece (whoever that is) with real life stories. Keep it real..

13. Find Your Love: This was the riskiest single I think anybody could have ever put out. For how anticipated this album was.. & for the single he put out right before this (Over), this song is really an acquired taste. One, because it was Produced by Kanye West.. Second becuase he was singing throughout the whole thing. Didn't rap at all. it was dope because many people liked it, & the risk payed off. It was a great addition to the album because it was full of emotion. It was probably one of the most emotional songs off the album. The production was soo great. Kanye West showed on this album that he IS a Produceras well as everything else. The vocals on this record were very good, but I would have re-done the "I better find your heart" portion if the hook. I can tell there were many takes of that part in the studio simply because his voice pitch has to fall off, but it has to fall off perfectly to sound renderable. Very good tune none the less

14. Thank Me Now: Haha.. I know what Drake was thinking when he wrote this record--> "Thank You - Jay-Z" <-- It was a very similar conecpt, similar type ofconcept, & the lines & the hook is quite funny & playful like how it is in the Jay-Z record. I love this song though. It was very true that you should thank him now. It was a very good song.

Over all.. I think this album was basically perfect. This is exactly what I ecpected from Drake. I want everybody to also take into consideration how much is on his shoulders in terms of trying to put out a classic album because he did all he's done off of a mixtape. It was crazy how he had Weezy, Jay, Timbaland, The-Dream, T.I, & Swizz Beatz on his first album. Am I the only one that thinks that this is amazingly epic? All I have to say is. Thank You Drake.

Thank You & Congratulations..

P.s. Yes.. I did buy Two Copies..

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June 15, 2010 THANK. ME. LATER.

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3:00 AM..

Woke up in the middle of the night.. My heart told me this..

I ain't never had my first time
They got me feeling different
They laugh & point but iun really feel like suh-ins missing
Mom always told me to save it untill I love her
& I feel like she's my everything
Her body is delicious
I know I really care cause I did without it for months
Almost a year & we ain't never did it once
Alotta people have it every day like lunch
But I guess I'm just starved
I'll wait till later like brunch
The amount of people that do it make it a specialty
I just wanna do it to the one that's special to me
Hey, that's just my thoughts you ain't gotta agree
But you go ahead, and then tell me if I was decieved
Cause I always learned it's a tie between a husband & a wife
& I figure she the best girl i ever met in my life
So before we make the decision to get that close boo;
I just wanna say that I love you..


P.s. I am not a rapper..

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Flyest Weirdo - Drew Howard (Produced By Me)

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This was off his latest mixtape "Lost Boy Drew Vol. 1"
Another Yung Hip-Hop Production. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download

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Tyga`s SnapBack Collection



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hustleGRL Blog Replication

Click to enlarge image

So.. This was a project I had to do for my graphic design class. I had to pick one of my favorite graphic designers & replicate some of their work, & I picked Karla (hustleGRL). If you ain't know she runs the ATF site & the Weezy Thanx You site & many many more. She does artwork for soo many people & promotes for them, but I decided to replicate her blog. I really like it. So, here's my version of it.


P.s. I did the artwork for the Nico Grey mixtape on my version. By the way..

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Well.. They didn't have my size, so have fun..

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Fly Pics..

"I'm just doin' me & you would never understand it.." - Drizzy


P.s. Thank Me Later drops June 15 people. Don't be foolish & download it. PURCHASE.

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Fashion Site: LookBook.nu

Click Here

Thank Me Later..


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It's hard to believe that everything we've worked towards for the past couple of years is actually within reach. I can't believe that it's coming. I used to want what I had before, but now I have it & I want more.. But it's only right because what I really want is my dream, as opposed to what I thought I wanted, which was mediocrity..
Get it?
I mean, I don't even feel ready for it. Like, I need more time because it's all happening so fast.
It's more pressure than anything else right now to make timeless music. To not slack, & get work done. To keep doing what I was doing that got me here. Even though we all in this together.. But then again, I'm just the Producer..

This used to be fun.
But now it's a lifestyle..

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If you follow my blog or my Twitter, you'd know that I've been hacked a few times. It's getting quite annoying actually. But just to let you know that this is me, & you'd know it's me blogging/tweeting. Good day y'all..


P.s. When I find you hackers, word to Drake, it's Over..

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