Kanye West & A Bathing Ape – Spring 2010 Lookbook

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A Bathing Ape and Kanye West have hooked up once again for BAPE’s 2010 spring lookbook. Take a look a the new line after the jump.

Via Sneak Hype


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New Flight 16 Artwork

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Reebok Pump Omni Lite – Military Pack

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"Where's My Sandwich? "

LMAOOOO.. "I was looking forward to a nice tuna sandwich on a bagel" .. Sorry. I just have these moments when I laugh at things uncontrollably. So.. Bare with me. AHAHAA


P.S. I hate the word sandwich. Just thought I'd let y'all know.

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BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch

A must-have for any BlackBerry owner. This slick wristwatch vibrates to alert you, and allows you to read emails, text messages, see who’s calling you, etc. right from your watch. This is actually amazing. The things humans create.. Order yours HERE


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LRG X G-Shock Yellow DW-6900

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Chris Brown's Sneaker Closet


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9:55 PM

She doesn't believe my feelings for her. She don't even know. I told her, & she said, "Oh, Okay". I want her to know what's really in my heart. No joke. This goes out to you..

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Real Love..

They are the true defenition. I miss this show soo much..


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'& Iun Need No Title For This Ish'

I stumbled across this photo just now as I was perusing through Facebook. I'm not sure what it was, who it is, or where it's from. But it looked really dope, & it caught my heart. I hope it does the same to yours.


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Photo Editing Book Pg.2

- A picture I did for my boy Richy.


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Flight 16 !

Flight 16 - Jahron.B (Produced By Yung Hip-Hop [Me])

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Monica <3

She's been through so much in her life. She's such a woman. I'm slowly falling. Slowly..



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Love Her..

Demiiiii <3

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