Everything every other man in the world is doing, we OFF that. Everything everybody else thinks is cool, we OFF that. Every girl that everybody wanna hit, but likes us, we OFF that. Every man typing "Like This".. I'm OFF that.. (no shots intended). Some want to get on what I was just on. There's a reason why I'm off that. Stand out man.. Stand out..


P.S. Read in between the lines.

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Nike SB Zoom Stefan

That "New New"

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Studio Life..

I'm in the studio with my cuzzo Moolah, also known as J Boyce. It's quite ironic cause we both producers, but we never really work together. We bangin' out a beat right now, & it sounds like suh-in outer space. The way he makes his beats is so wierd, but yet soo dope. Our styles don't exactly clash, but we in here! What we got so far is actually dope. He could produce for Cudi. It's looking like it will turn out a classic record, but we'll just have to see. Got a ball game in a minute, so we goin in, before we go on.. Nah 'mean? I might post the beat for all you rappers to eat.

Back to this beat..


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9:42 AM

It is what you want it to be.

Let's start over..


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Eych Bee Dee..

I wanna take this time out to give a special happy birthday to my girl Britny Melissa Williams (sorry to put you out there). She holds me down to the fullest. I'm a weird kid & I know that.. But she puts up with me, & that's really all I could ask for. She been through a lot with me, my music, my time, everything. If I could sum her up in about one word..; Amazing. I rarely say Happy Birthday to people, but this was very necessary. Your day is probably not going that GREAT.. But I juss wanna show you that I care, & I hope this makes it better.

Happy Birthday BabyGirl
Love You.


P.S. "Baby You My Errthang, You All I Ever Wanted.." >

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9:27 AM..

I mean.. I understand when a man breaks your heart into pieces, but that doesn't mean that every man will. Soo many good guys are passed on usually because of a broken hearted girl that doesn't know how to handle her past emotions from her past relationship. Just because it seems like everything can only point to one thing; how do you really know what it was? Like.. How can you know for sure? My boy TF Poet told me "The art of love is all about patience". If that's the case, then why not have this so called 'patience', & listen. Listen to what WE have to say & not others. Understand what happened as to why your heart is broken. If you listen, maybe your heart wouldn't be that ripped apart. Maybe?


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That's how I feel..


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I Need You (Tweetheart) - J.R. Richy

Favorite Song.


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Stupid Fresh #2


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*Giggles*.. So That's What They Call Pay Back Huh?..

Payback's a.. Well.. A Trick. This is just the beggining & I felt it in my stomach today. As I was dialoging with one of my good friends, I came across something I knew would happen. It really hurts, especially when you can predict what's going to happen. Feel me? Like, I was waiting for it to come back in my face, & just splatter like a paint ball. It pained too.. Which makes that the perfect comparison. Right? Well..I'm still waiting to see what's gunna happen. Urgh. I'll Keep Y'all Posted.


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