New Music: New Heights - Redway

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Redway is a Hip-Hop recording artist from my hometown, Toronto. He's really showing what he can do with this up & coming mixtape entitled 'the Border Livin' Mixtape'. This is a leak from the tape (which also includes a few Yung Hip-Hop Productions), so stay tuned.


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Honorable Mention..

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Well.. I entered the Sound Battle Royale beat battle. & they basically told me that they love my music, but I'm not old enough. They takin' care of me though. Mentioned me on the site, wrote some kind words, & I got a photo shoot with them tomorrow, so that's very cool. Did I mention it's gon' be free? Yuup.

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Snapbacks? Ouu..

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New Music: Bottoms Up (Freestyle) - Nico Grey

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"Tell me if the track's tan line is showin'"


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New Music: Devon - Illalude

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Devon goes IN. Nah.. He didn't sing, aha. Check it.

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