Gadget - Lose My Mind (Freestyle)

Download HERE

Uuuugh *Rick Ross Voice*

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Runaway - Kanye West (Short Film)

This is probably the most I've ever enjoyed a film. Any film. I loved ALL the music, the effects, the costumes, the roles, the lines, the setting, the outfits.. Everything. Thank you Kanye..

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Jordan Heels?

I mean.. I'm not all for these "shoes".. But they're very creative. I just like lookin' at 'em. I find them kinda dope to be honest. I'd have to actually see a female wearing them to fully make my judgments on this matter, but *blocks face*.. I kinda like them.. *runs away*

P.s. Don't shoot me for this post..

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Drew On Worldstar!

The homeboy Drew Howard is finally on the well known blog WorldStarHipHop! Congrats bro..

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[Official Music Video] Drew Howard- La La La (Remix)

The big homie Drew Howard shows he CAN rap on this one. Love the visuals. Shouts to DukeyDukez!

Follow: @drewflys

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Toronto *heart*



Proper Reserve

Some of my favorite stores downtown. <3

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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2010..

The cyphers were the best parts of the show. I think I've said enough.

I enjoyed these the most:

I'm proud of Reema. Did her thang at the Cypher while she only 15. Not only that.. She from Toronto. Crazy huh? Drake ain't the only one..

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Reema Major (Yung Hip-Hop Remix)

New remix I did to Reema Major's song. I thought the beat could be a little.. Uhh.. Different.. *smiles*

Download Here

P.s. Shouts to Reema.. She from Toronto & she just got signed to Interscope Records last week. Big Stuff!

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Redway - Close Enough (Music Video)

The big homie Redway is commin' up. Latest video from the Border Livin' mixtape coming to you JUST now. (I got production on there so look out)

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My brother (not blood) NicoGrey finally got his Nikon. I'm not exactly sure what kind of Nikon it is, but it JUST came out. It can shoot HD videos, take really amazing photos.. & it's just essential for an artist. Good things are coming man. Good things..

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