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It's kind of late for some. Pretty early for others. But for me, it's pretty late. Some are sleeping. Some talking to their girlfriends/boyfriends. Some having sex. Some even at work. Me?..I'm up thinking about everything that has transpired in 2009. I feel cold hearted. A lot of people did not deserve what I gave them. I hurt some feelings, I made some feel good. I did some ish, people ished me back. I failed some tests, & I passed some. I regret a lot of things, & I guess I learned from them. But you know one thing I failed to do? I didn't say sorry.. Some might say 'what are you appologizing for?'. & sometimes, heck.. I don't even know. But when I think about it, I don't want to be the cause of ruining somebody's year. I don't want to be 'that guy that screwed me over, & didn't even have the manners/guts/balls to say sorry'. Well.. This is my public appology..



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Life will never be the same. Yall know..



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It's Devon.. Believe That..

Devon! 16 year old R&B artist. Look out for his up & coming single called "Pulling Me" (Produced by Me)

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One Love..




P.S. This brought me close to the edge; Yall know where that is..

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I'm Extremely Hurt..

I used to be in love with Kanye's music. Now imma think twice..

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Church Dress

Church Dress is something a group of very fashionable, & talented young people put together to make the fashion for 'church go-ers' a lot better. They are Seventh Day Adventists & they actually go to my church! (Applecreek). Here is one of their Ascot bow-ties that I would like to purchase from their collection of "Christmas Treats". It's dope right? If you go to church & you need nice clothing with the in things this year/season, go here!

Click HERE to check them out at their website

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Via @hitupdevon. Follow him!

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'More Milli Freeverse - GEC' | Birdman Cover

This video was soo awesome. Shellz, Mickey G, Hoodz, Whaddup!

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Mickey G:

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Where Your Heart At?

Mine's here..

Via thelegendsleague Blog. Written by Bryan 'be.' Espiritu.



P.S. Please take the time out to read that post. It's EXACTLY how I feel in a nutshell

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"Imma Hold My Breath Untill You Feel It In Your Chest"

Tune gets me..



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Drake Cartoon

So i'm taking a graphic designing class at school called "Consumer Design". I love it cause I think this is what i'm leaning towards doing as my career.. Well, part of it. I did this picture from Drake's "Comeback Season" mixtape, did a little editing, & here it is!

P.S. Holla For Pics & Designs!

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Don't Say You Will. Unless You Will..

I feel Mr. West on that one. I have this song on repeat. Honestly, don't say it if you won't. Don't lie. Don't say things you really don't MEAN. Trouble is all that can come out of it. Don't say something if you know it's not going to happen. I mean.. We tend to say things out of the moment, we might feel it at that instant, RIGHT THEN AND THERE. But, do we really mean it? A lot of us don't keep to our word. It's like.. I know what I wanna say, I just don't know how to say it sometimes. I lead people on to believe things sometimes, which is almost like saying I will, but truth is, I really wont.. I do it out of.. I don't even know why. I hate to see feelings get hurt cause of me. The amount of feelings I've hurt in the past few months is a record for my life. Even if I didn't hurt your feelings, this is for me, to you, her, him, and you over there. Y'all know.

"I'm feelin' so distant from everyone i've known, to make everybody happy I think I would need a clone" - Drake

Good Day Y'all.

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