Portland Cello Project Covering Kanye West "All of the Lights"

Isn't it amazing that a 'Hip-Hop Artist' has full orchestras printing, learning & playing his songs? You so called 'artists' should take notes..

P.s. Shouts to my dude @416SKiTSZ for showing me this..

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Mixtape: Northern Lights - J.R. Richy

Download HERE

This mixtape *clears throat*.. I mean project has been anticipated for about 2-3 years now. It is finally here. It was worth the wait. Trust me if you don't trust anybody at all. Enjoy.

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Regular Robb - The Calm Before The Storm EP FREE DOWNLOAD

Download HERE

Listen to the track I produced on it below

"Where Do I Go" Feat. Chantel Anderson

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The Foreigners - This Is Like (Foreigners Sh') | Illustrated by DJ Premier

Finally something new from the Foreigners. Spittin' real layed back on some old school sh'.. I love this kinda Hip-Hop.

Follow 'em on Tumblr too.. http://everythingforeign.tumblr.com/

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Dave Raps - In The Morning (VIDEO) 2011

Shout out to Chad Davis & TV Kills Everything for sending me this. The visuals & the overall song is extra dope. Had to post this. Shouts to Dave Raps too. He's nice. I'd love to work with him on something.

& I appreciate the love homie. Feel free to send me some stuff if you think it's dope & worth putting here on my blog. Thanks for the love..

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Official Music Video' Felt This Way - Hoodz | Dir. Sunset 6

Dope new visuals for my dude Hoodz' single. Do not.. I repeat, do NOT sleep on this guy.

Follow him on Twitter:


P.s. The girl in the video is beautiful..

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