Regular Robb - The Calm Before The Storm EP Now Available On iTunes

My dude Regular Robb's EP drops & is now available on iTunes for all to listen to and download. I produced track 5 on it, which is entitled "Where Do I Go" featuring Chantel Anderson. Trust me this EP is truly amazing & something good to listen to. I enjoyed working with Robb on this. Get it on iTunes here:

& Download the free single for the EP here:

& you can also order the hard copy here:


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Nike Aina Chukka Boot

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Nike Woodside Duck Boot

These remind me of the boots that we used to wear when we were kids, with our snow pants and huge jackets. They got a new age typa feel though. I love it. Think I'm going to order these. Who knows..

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New Music: Regular Robb - UnThink

Download/Listen Here

New tune by my dude Robb over the instrumental of Unthinkable by Alicia Keys. Spat from the heart. This guy is really something special (pause). I won't say much until his album comes out though. You can see for yourself. Look out for it, I have production on there too.


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Dope Site:

Just thought I'd fill you guys in on what I think is the dopest site to find some cool snap backs right now. I say it's the best site because mostly all of the snaps on here are actually nice. Many of the ones I've seen are full of bent & crushed up ones, that aren't worth the money. This site has a wide collection also. Check it out.

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[Short Film] A Cosmic Love Story (Starring Daft Punk) - J.R. Richy

Richy's back with a short film for the new & improved song off of Northern Lights, "Something About Us". Very good song. Enjoy!

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New Music: Slow Down (Feat. Baysick) - Devon [Prod. By K-BeatZ]

Download HERE

New Pop hit by Devon, produced by my dude K-BeatZ. The song features Baysick (he will be on my mixtape). I did the artwork for the song by the way.. *winks*

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# Instrumental On Soundclick Instrumentals - Smooth Charts

My dude K-BeatZ & I did a collab beat & made it to the # beat on the charts. Dope right?

Listen Here

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Tory Lanez Signed To Sean Kingston's Label

If you didn't know, Tory Lanez is from our city, TORONTO. I'm so proud to see soo many of our young talents blow up now. It's a great feeling (even though I ain't never produced a track for him, lol).

Follow Him On Twitter: @tlanez


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My Favorite Pairs of Jordans

Lately, I've been really fascinated by Jordans. I don't know if it's because of the hype about them these days, or if my taste is just changing. Or maybe they are just coming out with more dope colourways and it's opening my eyes as to which ones are out there. I think many of them are ugly, but to sum it all up, these are my favorite pairs.

The 5's

The 6 Rings

The 7 Pack

The 8 Aquas

The 9 Charcoals

The 11's

The 13's

The 18's

The Dub Zero's

.. & that's bout it..

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Just in case you didn't see, my PayPal account is up & running. You are now able to purchase beats off my blog. Stay tuned, there will be more beats being posted every now & then. Follow me on Twitter to stay posted. Thanks.

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