I hate 'em. Don't dissappoint me..


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The Little Engine That Could

I feel like the little engine. Difference is.. I will. We all just little engines thinking we can. That right there is the problem. Forget thinking. I 'know' I can. I know I have the talent, I know I have the brains, & I know I have what it takes to get up that hill. Forget every doubt, every comment, every piece of hate ever entering your eyes, ears, or mind. Impossible is nothing..

"I'm the little engine that could y'all.
& I'll NEVER fall off, knock on wood y'all.." - J.Cole

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Loving someone is basically giving them the power to destory you, but trusting that they wont. Is it worth the risk?

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Something's Gotta Give.

Best movie ever created on this planet. I swear..


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M.A.R.S (all serious artists please read)

What does Mars do?

M.A.R.S is a Music Management, Distribution group and marketing firm all in one, our job is to boost your popularity, Sales, and clientele, by using strategic planning and marketing. Our main focus is to make future clients/customers aware of the product and or service you offer.

What can you do for me?

Well what we can do is make sure we get your point across,

This will bring general awareness, potential customers, publicity, and in the long run generate additional profit to your business.

How will you get them to notice you?

The message is spread through face to face interaction with the consumers, this gives them a more welcome genuine feel that you actually want them to be involved with what you have to offer, and it also lets them know that you value their support.

What is the most important thing for me to know?

Having a solid marketing plan/event will let you identify your customer’s needs and wants. You can determine the demand for your product/service and aid in the design of offering a better service or product that will satisfy and fulfill consumer’s needs and wants. Marketing is important in building relationships as well as creating product awareness. Without an effective marketing strategy chances are you will not gain the awareness that you need in order to attract customers and clients which equates to revenue loss and a decline in growth. For a company, product or service to grow and carry continued success the right amount of distribution and marketing will be needed.


Ceaser – 416-454-0607



Alawi Al-Baalawy – 647-209-2167

Senior Marketing Advisor



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Artist Corner: Wiz Khalifa

"It's lonely at the top; I'm tired of havin' company" - Wiz


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Finally copped my first snapback. I believe this is the begining of the new style.. Or "swag" if you will. I plan to do a little bit differently from everybody even though many people rock snapbacks. I'm on my Big Sean steez. You already..


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Nike Blazer High V Lux


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Reality Check

Went to a little girl's funeral/viewing today.. It's not the easiest thing to watch a 10 year old girl in her casket. I was thinking to myself the whole time.. "what is she doing in there? Why her?".. Obviously I couldn't obtain any answers. But the thing that hurt was that she went to my school, her parents probably have no idea what to do/think, & her friends are emotionally drained. To loose your best friend at that age is rough. I've been feeling heartless lately & not caring a lot about other things, but this one really got my heart. It bleeds to know that this little one is gone..

Went to another funeral today, for the grandmother of one of my real close friends. I can't even imagine that being me. Her & her brother were just in that same church for the funeral of their close friend this past summer, & to think they have to re-live the pain from that, just hurts. I can't even eat properly. It feels like this is happening to me. Iun even know mayne.. Live everyday like it's your last. F'real


P.S. Keep the Mason & Forde family in your prayers, please..

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I'm now realizing my true feelings & what I want in a girl. She's like, almost exactly it. She fits in my priorities like the perfect size shoe. All I ask is that you please be just like her.. Please?


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If You Ask Me, I'm Ready..


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12:53 AM..

As I lay in my bed, I think to myself what it is really that separates me from other dudes. What she sees in me that she don't see in those other guys. What makes her call them 'waste', & me, well.. Not. I know there will be guys out there better looking then me, probably funnier than me, maybe even more talented. But I wanna know, why me? Why am I the one you call everyday, or think about, or waste your time with. What do I have? I think about these things from time to time, to think about what's keeping her within my grasp, & everyday it makes less sense. I mean I know I'm a nice dude & all.. But why me?


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Artist Corner: J. Cole

Knock On Wood Freestyle
Download Here

My favorite rapper. Straight..

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Fly Guy: Big Sean

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La Motif.

Break in a new style; rock it; off it; & repeat..


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Step Into My Life..

This picture describes what it's looking like right now for me. I have broken my glasses. Everything is blurry. It's been a painful two week period of not having my glasses with me. I can hardly see anything. Contacts are on the way. Pray that they actually come. This picture is truly a step into my life..


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Church Dress Fashion Show

An exclusive runway experience showcasing the Church Dress Spring/ Summer 2010 Collection to the sounds of live artists. The night includes an opportunity to tour the historic shoe museum, clothing sale, giveaways, and a special Tribute to Haiti. Experience the beauty in colour like never before. It’s not a show, it’s an experience.

Church Dress Presents

A Parade of Colours


The Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1W7

May 22, 2010



For tickets




Check them out on FaceBook.

Click Here


P.S. I might be there!

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Finding Myself..

Alright. This is it. This is the look that defines me. This is what it is from NOW ON. I struggled for 3 days slaving over my blog, trying to find what looks good, trying to find what the "norm" is, trying to find a "new look" for my blog after it crashed.My blog is a representation of me. It summarizes all about me, & I didn't realize that what I had before WAS me. This is it folks. This is ME.

P.S. I would like to give a special shoutout to @LJaaaaay, @imsoofficial, & @CLosOnline for helping me out. I really appreciate you guys. Thank you.

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Priorities Straight..

I have seriously been neglecting the people that actually matter in my life, & spending the time with the wrong people. This is so not good, simply because those people actually play a role in my life, & right now it's lookin' like my movie is missing some main characters.

Time to set my priorities straight..


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Err'thang Happens For A Reason

Ugh.. As you may be able to tell my blog is not looking as it should. Reason being is that I tried to upload a new template, & obviously it backfired. I guess this was meant to be. I was looking for a new template anyways. The posts will still be commin', just not with the same feel y'know? I guess this is a good fresh start to a new 'me'. Maybe? We'll see..


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Runnin' Deep..

I'm here in Careers class. It is in the computer lab on the top, top floor of my school. I really don't understand why I'm still getting memories from my past. Shouldn't it be over by now? I mean.. This place has soo many memories of last year, the year before that, & the year before that.. I need to go somewhere. Start fresh. Start somewhere where nobody knows me.. Where I can be who I wanna be with no regrets, no turning back, no thoughts..

I just need some time away..


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Letting Go..

Have you ever wondered why you always end up getting hurt? Have you ever wondered what you have done to deserve the constant lack of respect for you and your feelings? Don't ask me; look at your heart. Ask the dudes that broke your heart. Please don't assume. Just let go..

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Far From Over..

First single off 'Thank Me Later'

Download HERE


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Mixtape: "Respect My Penmanship" - T.F. Poet

New Hip-Hop artist T.F. Poet drops his first mixtape. Download & follow him as he progresses.
(click picture to download)

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Coldest Winter..


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10:32 PM..

Never wasted. Especially with you. I'll never regret it. Ever. I'm sorry..


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