Reality Check

Went to a little girl's funeral/viewing today.. It's not the easiest thing to watch a 10 year old girl in her casket. I was thinking to myself the whole time.. "what is she doing in there? Why her?".. Obviously I couldn't obtain any answers. But the thing that hurt was that she went to my school, her parents probably have no idea what to do/think, & her friends are emotionally drained. To loose your best friend at that age is rough. I've been feeling heartless lately & not caring a lot about other things, but this one really got my heart. It bleeds to know that this little one is gone..

Went to another funeral today, for the grandmother of one of my real close friends. I can't even imagine that being me. Her & her brother were just in that same church for the funeral of their close friend this past summer, & to think they have to re-live the pain from that, just hurts. I can't even eat properly. It feels like this is happening to me. Iun even know mayne.. Live everyday like it's your last. F'real


P.S. Keep the Mason & Forde family in your prayers, please..

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