3:00 AM..

Woke up in the middle of the night.. My heart told me this..

I ain't never had my first time
They got me feeling different
They laugh & point but iun really feel like suh-ins missing
Mom always told me to save it untill I love her
& I feel like she's my everything
Her body is delicious
I know I really care cause I did without it for months
Almost a year & we ain't never did it once
Alotta people have it every day like lunch
But I guess I'm just starved
I'll wait till later like brunch
The amount of people that do it make it a specialty
I just wanna do it to the one that's special to me
Hey, that's just my thoughts you ain't gotta agree
But you go ahead, and then tell me if I was decieved
Cause I always learned it's a tie between a husband & a wife
& I figure she the best girl i ever met in my life
So before we make the decision to get that close boo;
I just wanna say that I love you..


P.s. I am not a rapper..

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