Reporting Live From Atlanta..

Well, the people here are.. Well.. Friendly. They got that 'Southern Hospitality' f'real. Me & my brother walked into a shoestore & these 2 young females working there approached us (me, my brother & my cousin) starting conversation about Canada, & what we do & how we differ from Americans. It's just crazy to me how they think that we are completely different from them.. Like Canada is a whole nother world. I was wearing a fresh lair of steps, & she said "ohh I like yo shoes & yo shart.. I ain't know Y'all got swag over dere".. & I was like whaaaaat!?

It's also crazy, that every store I go into, they playing Drake. Coming from where he's from it's so epic to know that he once was local, & now he is being played all over the world. I don't know if people take that in. & it's also crazy to me that he gets more love down here the he does in his own city. Stupid right? They'll thank him later..


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