What's Really The Significance Here?

Good morning/afternoon/evening. I would like you to take in the picture above...What do you see? If it's the same thing i see, then you see that they are practically saying that I should buy this digital camera just because Avril Lavigne designed it or what not. Do they feel that it should all of a sudden be an amazing camera because her picture is on it. The funny thing is, I bet she didn't really even "design" it. She probably just "oversaw" it. I mean, she said she wanted a camera, they made her one, and she just gave them the okay. does this mean that when/if I buy the camera, it won't break, or it won't have a bad effect, or won't have red-eye problems? No. This just means that Avril Lavigne probably has one. For all we know, she probably uses an iPhone for her picture taking. All i'm really saying here is, whats the significance of having her on the box? I have spoken, and i'm out.

- Hip Hop !


Posted by Y.Hip-Hop | at 7:44 PM


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