I stared at this picture for a few minutes, just to see what story it would tell me.

It told me a story of a couple that knew the love they had for eachother. They knew exactly what eachother was feeling & they embraced it. They just came from a good time at a fancy french resturant (can't figure out the name). They talked, laughed & made eachother blush. It was an amazing night. Following their departure from the resturant, they proceeded outside & were approached by rain. They ran back in the resturant & laughed hysterically. It was like the rain came at the perfect time. As they looked at eachother again, they decided to go back outside. They stood with an umbrella outside for an hour. Looking at eachother, hugging, kissing & enjoying eachother's company. They thanked God for the rain. They left the resturant right after the main course. No desert. They didn't need it..

It's funny how many don't appreciate the rain for what it really is. God sent rain to wash out the earth's impurities, & we treat it like it's a nuisance. The rain is an amazing thing. Whenever it rains, I take the time out to think about my life. The good, the bad, the annoying.. Everything. It shows you how interesting your life really is. We should embrace the rain just like that couple did.



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