Interesting, But Sort Of True

a guy has four types of girls .
1. Wifey
2. Boo
3. Bxtches
4. Hxes

1) Wifey- A Wifey is irreplaceable, but she is the only one that is irreplaceable..
She is the girl that the guy loves and will always love, and he never wants to see her with another man.. BUT .. He will/may cheat on her with Boo, Bxtches & Hxes until he is mature enough to realize that if he loses Wifey he would be screwed, and NEVER be happy again.

2) Boo- A Boo is replaceable, she thinks she’s Wifey, but will NEVER be wifey because Wifey was MADE, Wifey is irreplaceable..She can NEVER replace her. Boo tries to take Wifeys spot, but once she attempts the guy onlly allows her to get a taste of Wifey’s spot.. but will never acheieve her spot for any longer than a few months, then the man goes back to Wifey. Boo either gets replaced with another Boo, or, the man matures and decides that Wifey is the one for him..
(Ladies: you DO NOT want to be “BOO”)

3) Bxtches- A Bxtch is a female that a male uses only for sex or other sexually related events. Bxtches are called when Wifey is ‘acting up’ and you need a quick nut. The Bxtch is the first one running there .

4) Hoes- A hoe is trying to move up in life and wants to be a Bitch or a Boo. Hoes are just the girls you bang for no reason and have them in your phone aswell. Hoes are the backups incase a Bxtch or a Boo slips up. Then your replaced with a Hoe.

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