Be You..

The other day, this guy said to me, "Yo.. I saw your girl, & she's soooo sweet. How do you get girls?" I chuckled & replied, "I don't know." He continued & asked, "Is it cause of your 'swag'?" I chuckled again and replied, "I have no clue". He then said in confusion, "So what is it!?" I replied, "Iunno.. I be myself, that's all I can really do." He stood there looking like he was about to laugh at me & then continued saying, "You gotta teach me that!"

I found this soo funny simply because a lot of guys think they have to do a certain thing, or be a certain person to attract girls. It's really not like that. I'm the type of guy that doesn't want to be labeled as 'another one of those guys'. Since that's my mentality, I just do me. That's all I really can do. God didn't create anybody the same. Maybe similar..


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