"I Was Made For Everything I'm Not"

What's Good Everybody. The title is pretty self explanatory. "I Was Made For Everything I'm Not.". It's true. Have you ever felt like, just because you are a certain height or weight, or something of that nature, that you can't hang around certain people, or do certain things, even though you are well capable of doing them? It's a stupid feeling right? I feel out of place when I hang around most of my nxggas. Why? I'm 6 foot 3. I'm bigger than them. I have one or two friends about my height, but it just don't cut it sometimes. Feel me? Like, the way I dress, one would say was not made for a person of my height. Skinny jeans, fitted t-shirts, all that good stuff, but I find myself wearing it all the time. I feel most comfortable in that. The way I play basketball, I don't wanna play a center. I don't think I was made to play that position, but because of my height, I must. I can dance. Say what you may but I can dance, & I would feel real uncomfortable dancing with my height. Aha, nobody feels that i can sing, but I can. I feel outta place cause I'm tall. I'm not whining, I'm just showing yall the truth.

- @YHipHop


P.S. I might add to this, but for now.. Take it for what it's worth..

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