Good Lookin'

What it is. I find it funny how it's so much easier talking to good looking people. I don't think i'm being a "Jerk" or shallow when I say that. 'Sjust the truth. I know a lot of people think that, but are too afraid to say it so raw. Me? I don't care. When people wanna tell you their whole life story, it's not as interesting unless they look good. Period. I know some of us have that experience where there's a girl/boy that likes you, & you don't pay them any attention untill the next year, you come back to school & they have all of a sudden changed. In a good way that is. Then you all of a sudden find them an interesting person to talk to. It happens. Ain't nothing wrong with that, 'cause we as humans are prone to enjoying the company of good looking people. What they say just seems so.. Good. I feel it's unfair to the not-so-good looking people though. Because the truth is.. The ones that aren't the cutest people, usually have the most interesting convorsations. (Lets make that one a quote). I mean, don't get me wrong. There's ALOT of good looking girls that have very good convorsations, I just want to touch on this. I often find myself listening to people that look good, instead of those that have a lot to offer. But the one thing that is hard to find that I absolutely Love, is a good looking girl that can hold down a convorsation. A real girl. Somebody that knows what to do to make me feel as if I got the girl of my dreams, even if I've never even dreamt of that girl before. All I know is, we needa really show everybody respect, cause you never know.. She/he might be that person that you never liked, but came back to haunt you, but in a good looking body..

- @YHipHop

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