I got a kick in the pants yesterday. I felt like I wasted a whole year of what should have been one of the most memorable years of my life. I realized what hard work actually consists of. It's not just all the inspiration tweets, & telling yourself you're working hard, but it's only until you feel in YOUR heart that you've done all you can & are seeing results from what you've done. I am coming a lot closer to finding who I am & who I look forward to being. I struggle with that every single minute of my life. You can't work towards getting to an unknown destination. You'll be lost before you even start. That was me a few days ago. I feel like I found the better part of me. The part that will not be influenced by every & anybody. The part that will not stop until I get what I'm aiming for. I am content with my life how it is now, & am willing to work way harder to make it what I've always dreamed, instead of changing it just to be like everybody else. I am appreciating everything God has given me, & thinking ahead about how I would feel if I lost it..

All my prayers from now on will be for consistency, will power, & faith.. Pray for me.

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