It's Not That I'm A Jerk..

What's good everybody. I been feelin' like a jerk lately. Sometimes people tell me I am. I don't wanna say "I know", but I guess I do. Like, I just don't care about the things I used to, or what I got my reputation for. I used to care about every little thing & how people felt about it. Not anymore.. Everybody likes to complain for something, & sometimes, it's just not worth listening to. If you have some problem in your life, & you know it's not a big deal, don't go crying to somebody to grab attention. Sorry, excuse my content. Lemme rephrase that. *clears throat* Don't come crying to ME about it. Frankly, I don't know what to tell you. You know you know how to handle it, so why ask me? I was a victim of that. I used to tell a lot of people about my problems with parents, my relationships, just life in general. All it did was get me in trouble because many people knew my bussiness. Actually, they THOUGHT they knew my bussiness, & leaked it in the wrong way. It's not good to wear your heart on your sleeve. Take it from me..


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